remember that time Paris Hilton made fun oh herself on Supernatural


this actually happened

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we’re lying on the moon
it’s a perfect afternoon

nighttimemachinery requested: boyd/erica + the moon song // karen o

Top 9 10 Spencer x JJ Moments requested by anonymous.

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Every day, every hour
                                                                             Turn the pain into power.

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"The entire time I’ve known Hotch, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him blink."

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Criminal Minds meme | nine episodes [1/9] 

9x14 - 200
"When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you."
- Fridrich Nietzsche

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Spencer Reid + snapchat

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"The number of pathogens passed during a handshake is staggering. It’s actually safer to kiss." (x)

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a c t a e o n

updates from my first 24 hours home:

my dad is still angry at literally eveything

mum is reading The Scorch Trials and oh I cant wait for her reactions

apparently my 18 yr old sister has started smoking

my 16 year old sister is an angsty 16 yr old, but shes been much happier now ive given her teen wolf season 4 to watch. she is also v excited about the maze runner movie bc dylan o’brien

I am catching up on my fic writing but I miss the internet

Scott and Stiles + in sync

Do you know any other mantras?

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What kind of girl are you? Tougher than that.